The Spa at the Airport: Be Relax: Free 'Light Therapy' in Paris until December 30th

If you fly to Paris between now and December 30th, you can treat yourself to a free 'light therapy' session courtesy of Be Relax.

The sessions are offered "near boarding lounge E51 of Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle and near Gate R on the departures level of Orly’s West terminal are two dedicated light-therapy areas equipped with white-light emitting lamps, relaxation chairs, and a sound system playing soothing music".

I learned this much from Free holiday ‘light therapy’ at Paris airports by Nicola Clark (Globespotters).

This freebie is destined to promote Be Relax a new Spa at the Airport boutique/salon launching in Paris with plans to expand soon to other airports including Frankfurt, Milan, Rome and even Sharm el Sheikh.

The Globespotters piece also quotes the 'European Sleep Center' as stating that "a one-hour light therapy session per day for the first three days of a long-haul trip will help the body adjust to the new local time. For optimal effect, the light exposure should take place in the afternoon for a westbound flight and in the morning for an eastbound flight."

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