The Oxygen Tank is Out, Indoor Garden is In...Green Day

Rather than lay in an oxygen tank, a saner approach would be to rethink the way our homes, offices and public places (libraries and the like) are designed.

Swedish company Green Fortune calls this Urban Cultivation.
Plants after all help keep our air breathable and also provide natural insulation and soundproofing.

Healthcenter_2Will they make us heal faster, they wonder with solutions such as the Plant Wall (pictured here) that Green Fortune installed in Gustavsbergs Health Center (Photo by Peter Orevi).

Other ways to bring nature back into our working and living spaces is by Composting in the comfort of your kitchen or if you are an amateur gourmet chef you can tend to your very own Indoor Herb Garden thanks to products such as Herbi by Michael Kritzer.

This Green Day #9 was inspired in part by a couple of stories on Springwise.

Last Tuesday's Bit: Consumed by the Holidays...'How to have a Green Christmas'

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