No jail time, Dinner for 2 instead, Attica..Menu for Hope down under

Instead of staring at my navel and keeping Menu for Hope 4 all about me, myself and I, starting today I will explore all the great things offered by my companions in this effort.

To kick off this voyage around the world, we go to the Asia Pacific region via Grab your Fork since they rolled the red carpet for this event first. .

What grabbed my attention about the Chef Dinner for Two at Attica (courtesy of Tomato) was not its connection with the famous jail but rather the fact that the restaurant was awarded a Two-Hat status by The Age Good Food Guide 2008. This is the 28th edition of The Age Guide to Eating Out in and around Melbourne.


The food looks great (as this photo proves). The place has atmosphere too.
Love it! Want it?  Enter your Bid, the Code for this Prize is AP27.

By the way, should the subject of Food and Aging gracefully make it on the list of topics covered by the Just Over 50 panel? What do you think?

Let's now pay a visit to The Babe in the City, of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia, that is).
She shares 10 pairs of tickets for dinner at Zuup soup bar in Petaling Jaya.
There is more to them than soup as The Epicurious Girl tells us.
Code for this Malaysian Prize is AP21.

Read the Recap of my 5 Offerings in: Due to technical difficulties...

We will probably continue this Voyage in Menu for Hope land tomorrow.

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