Christmas and the Holidays: A chance to be Unproductive

If we follow the advice of In humungous praise of holidays (Financial Times editorial page), Christmas can be a chance to unplug our tech tools, slow down for a couple of days.

Simply put we`can give ourselves permission to be unproductive.

Stopping the incessant chatter for even 48 hours might actually be the perfect medicine.

We can then come back refreshed...and more...productive.

And please do not check your e-mail during the family meal. It will reflect badly on you.

A quick Monday Work Etiquette #18

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Up North, No Bacon...Some Canadian Prizes for Menu for Hope 4

Dec 23
Since the deadline for your bids on Prizes offered for this 2007 edition of Menu for Hope was extended to Monday, December 24th (9 AM), let me highlight a couple of the Goodies offered by the Canadian contingent. The Domestic Goddess coordinated the effort up North. Catherine Jheon of Food for Thought (Canada) offered a selection of no less than 13 cookbooks (Prize Code: CA 01). Anthony at An endless banquet went the spice route....
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Fifty Percent More Raised...The Close to Final Tally for Menu for Hope 4

Dec 24
With Menu for Hope 4 extended through the week-end, it looks as of now that we pretty much managed to raise Fifty Percent More than last year. The current tally stands at $89,481.00. What matters more than the money is the fact that as a result we will be able to help more people who benefit from the UN World Food Programme. Merci beaucoup!