Pop Art!1956-1968, On Display at Quirinale Museum in Rome

Planning to escape the daily grind for a week-end in Rome and interested in Pop Art beyond Campbell Soup cans and Norma Jean, the Scuderie del Quirinale museum offers Pop Art! 1956-1968 until January 27, 2008.


It is not all about Andy. 100 works by 50 artists are on display, not just American but also British, French, German, Spanish and Italian such as Mimmo Rotella and his 'Viva America' from 1963 (my illustration).

For a little history on the Museum itself let me quote their notes: "The Scuderie stands next to the Colonna gardens and on top of the archeological remains of the great Roman Temple of Serapide – some of which are still visible. The building covers approximately 3000 square meters, over several floors. Wide-open spaces on the second and third floors house the exhibitions."

Read What Henry James Said about the Colonna gardens.

Sounds like A Room with a View as a Bonus.

My last Italian fare: Only Oiks order Cappuccino after Lunch when in Rome, Pizza with Beer is fine, Dinner only

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