On my Chocolate Show Munching List...New York (Nov 9-11)

A week from now at this time, I might be suffering from a slight indigestion and a caffeinated condition after spending some time meeting known and unknown talents at New York's Chocolate Show.

I started drafting my Munching List.

Not to be navel gazing or chauvinistic but I did notice tasty offerings from the New Jersey-New York area.
Amongst them I will definitely have to try the Wine Truffles by J.Emmanuel .

Straying a bit from the general theme is Mad Mac which offers French Madeleines and Macarons thanks to the duo of Florian Bellanger, and Ludovic Augendre. Their creation illustrates this piece

Macaron_2 Another Garden State presence (with a Belgian twist) is Rose City which came up with a No Sugar Added Collection.

From Pennsylvania John and Kira's get my vote for their good taste and good deeds.

I also took note already of Oliver Kita (il parle Francais) thanks to his chocolate ghost.

So that's the starter list for my adventures in chocolate land.

I will be at the Chocolate Show on November 9.

Chocolate Week New York kicks off on November 5th.

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