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Pop Art!1956-1968, On Display at Quirinale Museum in Rome

Planning to escape the daily grind for a week-end in Rome and interested in Pop Art beyond Campbell Soup cans and Norma Jean, the Scuderie del Quirinale museum offers Pop Art! 1956-1968 until January 27, 2008.


It is not all about Andy. 100 works by 50 artists are on display, not just American but also British, French, German, Spanish and Italian such as Mimmo Rotella and his 'Viva America' from 1963 (my illustration).

For a little history on the Museum itself let me quote their notes: "The Scuderie stands next to the Colonna gardens and on top of the archeological remains of the great Roman Temple of Serapide – some of which are still visible. The building covers approximately 3000 square meters, over several floors. Wide-open spaces on the second and third floors house the exhibitions."

Read What Henry James Said about the Colonna gardens.

Sounds like A Room with a View as a Bonus.

My last Italian fare: Only Oiks order Cappuccino after Lunch when in Rome, Pizza with Beer is fine, Dinner only

Taking a Friday look at Hiro Ballroom (Maritime Hotel, New York) for PhizzPop Design Event

This evening, I am not going to New York for a restaurant opening.

I will attend the PhizzPop Design Challenge and see creative teams from the area duke it out to get the regional crown.

It takes place at the Maritime Hotel, in the Hiro Ballroom to be specific.

I know the place is also known for its club and the DJ's it attracts.

I am more interested in checking the Hotel and Food offerings while I am there to be truthful.

Most recent Big Apple event: Hotel Argentina...4 months of Tango, Food and Wine Therapy at select Omni Hotels

Buy Gifts from 'Wola Nani' in Cape Town...Create Income for Women with HIV

Looking for Holiday Gifts with a South African flair, the Wola Nani craft shop offers great choices.

Besides opening your eyes on different looks, this Cape Town project allows Women with Aids to make a living and regain hope.

Bowls_2 I discovered their 'Fish Bowls' pictured here via the Guardian Interactive Christmas Guide.

Choose any part of the House or Garden and hunt for ideas.

You can purchase their goods online and in select stores in Japan, the US and Europe. Check the full list of shopping options on the Wola Nani Website.

You can also download their Catalogue from the same place.

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Thought of Living (and Working) in Japan...Check Gaijinpot...

For those of you toying with the idea or seriously planning to live and work in Tokyo or other areas of Japan, I decided to serve a second helping of Tokyo Thursdays.

Gaijinpot was established to help foreigners navigate the various aspects of living and working in Japan from jobs to real estate to food, language, administrative tasks and you name it...

Pay them a visit.

And check the Tokyo Thursdays Page.

A short Tokyo Thursdays # 16

Are we moving our Clutter online with 'Tripit' and other services? Backpack will do!

In the past 24 hours only, I read about Tripit and a couple of other services that offer to help you manage things online instead of on paper.

Tripit as you might guess offers to be the online repository for all details of your business or leisure travel.

Another site I noticed (whose name I cannot remember, I apologize) wants to do the same for your family schedule and activities, keeping everyone on the same page.

Both services are well designed and well intentioned.

The only issue is I can already do most of these things using my Backpack account.

Should I slice all my activities like cold cuts and use a different place for each of them which in turns requires additional login, profile and the whole nine yards.

Are we creating a new clutter, online this time?

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Meet the 'Sobalier', Cooking Classes in Tokyo: Soba Making

Thanks to Experience Tokyo, I found out that on Saturday afternoons you can Discover the Secrets of Soba Making from a local Edo master 'sobalier' at  “Soba Shonin” in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Soba_classBesides preparing Soba you will also learn how to eat it as the way you eat them changes their taste.

The class is limited to a maximum of 6 people so reservations are needed.
Be warned that ingredients used might stain your clothes.

If you cannot make it to Tokyo, Japan Guide shares all the steps and ingredients that make great Soba Noodles.

Let's make 'Sobalier' our Job Idea Number 6.

Before wrapping up this Tokyo Thursdays # 15, note that the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) offers Local Websites catering to visitors from many locations around the world.

Previous Week: 20th Century Japanese Artists, Step by Step, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

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Alleluya! I can finally access 'Capital One' on Firefox

Of all the companies whose services I use, I could not quite fathom why Capital One could not be accessed online via Firefox.
I am glad to see that with the revamp of their online services and site, Capital One finally saw the light and is not Internet Explorer only.
Someone got smart I guess.

Merci Beaucoup!

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Sangiovese by another Name, Morellino di Scansano

Grapes can be found in various disguises. Before purchasing a bottle of Marteto 'Morellino di Scansano' (2005), I did not know that Morellino was another name for Sangiovese (the main grape in Chianti).

Marteto_new_ws The creation of oenologist Marco Bruni, it balances 85% Sangiovese with 15% Merlot.
The vineyards of Fonteblanda Orbetello (Tuscany) are on clay soils.

Morellino di Scansano status was upgraded from DOC to DOCG with the 2007 vintage.

Taste wise, It is notable for its ruby red color and good tannins, best with food.

Should be found for around $12.

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Words of Wisdom: 'Decicions are temporary so make the call and move on'

Some words of wisdom:

"Decisions are temporary so make the call and move on Done.
Start to think of it as a magical word. When you get to done it means something has been accomplished. A decision has been made and you can move on. Done means you're building momentum.

"Value the importance of moving on and moving forward. Get in the rhythm of making decisions. Make a quick, simple call and then go back and change that decision if it doesn't work out."

"Accept that decisions are temporary. Accept that mistakes will happen and realize it's no big deal as long as you can correct them quickly."

I don't think my own words could add much to it.

From Getting Real, I thought it was worth mentioning even though this book's topic is writing software.
Got to it via Breaking a stalemate by Jason on 37 Signals.

Also on things being temporary, In times of panic, count to Zen by James Altucher.

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A 'La Verticale' (Hanoi), Chef Didier Corlou, A Fellow Breton, blends France and Vietnam

While I settled in New Jersey, Chef Didier Corlou, a fellow Breton after traveling the world cooking and discovering a wealth of flavors, ingredients and cultures, settled down in Hanoi, Vietnam.

I discovered that we were born the same year in the same part of Brittany, Morbihan.

He arrived in Vietnam in 1992 and put his talent to work at Hotel Metropole.
His current restaurant La Verticale opened in 2007.
He blends French and Vietnamese ingredients  and influence.

Here are a few examples gleaned from La Verticale site of dishes he created:
"Grilled duck foie gras with lemongrass, Spring roll with truffles, « banh cuon » with caviar and salmon roes, crab cannelloni with sea urchin nectar, rock lobster in fish bladder, pork nougat with caramel"
(photo from 'La Verticale' site).

Check his Christmas Night and New Year's Eve Menus.

The restaurant counts a 'spice shop'  in its offerings.

Didier penned 3 books, most recently A La Verticale des Epices, and offers cooking classes.

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