Your very own Vintage of Armagnac...Thanks to 'Ryst-Dupeyron'

I was discussing the Do's and Don't of Gift Giving to valuable employees yesterday and going over a few week-end options that would make someone feel special.

Stephen Castle added a thing or two to my panoply of ideas with The perfect birthday vintage: Happy Armagnac!(on Globespotters).

He shares with us how Ryst-Dupeyron offers Armagnac of almost any vintage up to 1920.
Bottle size goes from 5cl to 70cl and prices run the gamut depending on size and vintage obviously.
You can also add a custom label with a favorite quote or your own 'bon mots' (as illustrated with this sample label).

Ryst-Dupeyron was founded in 1905 by Joseph Dupeyron and the family still runs the company keeping the tradition alive.
Their roots are firmly planted in the town of Condom (Gers) in an 18th century hotel.
Add to that a Museum of Armagnac.
They offer you the same vintage and custom label option with Ports from W.J.Hart.

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