Traveling to / in the UK, Get 'Tipped' on Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping

Planning a vacation or a business trip to the UK or just living there and traveling to another city, you might want to take a look at Tipped.

What Tipped does is allow people to Get, Give and Share Tips on Arts and Entertainment, Restaurants, Hotels and Shopping and other useful local  information.

I picked Manchester for a test and discovered that Ning is a Thai (and Malaysian) Restaurant, not just a way to build social networks.
Check the Complete List of Cities Tipped covers.

You can also Get Tipped on your Mobile if you have a UK Mobile Number.

Tipped is well designed and easy to navigate.

As this free service is new, the number of reviews is still limited but they have a solid foundation to build on.

I also have to mention Trusted Places, a similar site in the UK. Their News Blog offers an instructive and fun take on the London scene.

London stories: Acorn House, a restaurant

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