Piling up Work or Trimming the Tree? Outsource and Collaborate!

If there is one thing I learned running New Jersey Concierges, it is that people hire me either because they have too many things to do and too little time or because there are things they do not like to do or are not very good at.

Writing 'Serge the Concierge', I get Ideas that I would like to turn into Visuals.
I am not a graphic artist so this job would be better handled by someone who is so I have started to reach out to people whose work I like.
I am not a programmer, a coder.
I can understand how it works but why spend 5 hours doing something that can be done in 1 (or less).
So I will outsource that as soon as I find the right fit.

This will Free Up my time to do the things I am better at and could also generate extra income.

I can cut down my To Do List by outsourcing, collaborating and coworking.

In a nutshell, my motto would be Doing Better by Doing Less.

I was inspired to write this after reading 4 Task List Antipatterns (sorry for the dry title) by Mike Gunderloy (Web Worker Daily).

As for yourself, do you keep piling up the work or do you trim the tree?

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