On the Map this Morning...Camposampiero, Novi Iskur, Walsden, IJsselstein...Rings a bell?

Ever since I began to look at where my readers come from, I have seen names of cities I did not know of.
To illustrate my point, this morning Camposanpiero (near Padua, Italy) topped the list followed by Novi Iskur (or Novi Iskar, Bulgaria).
At number 4, I found Walsden(West Yorkshire, England) and number 6 belonged to IJsselstein (near Utrecht, Holland).

Villanova di Camposampiero is the birthplace of GT Race Car Driver Fabrizio Golin and St Anthony of Padua moved there at the end of his life way back in the 13th century.


Novi Iskar is considered a suburb of Sofia.

Besides information on its Rail Service, I found Nostalgic Photos and Memories of Walsden via Francis Frith Books and learned that the town sits by the Rochdale Canal.

As for IJsselstein, the city origins date back to the 14th century, I could not find much more about it except that it offers quite a few places where you can enjoy a morning or afternoon run.

For those of us in the US who Don't know much about geography, I hope this helped.

A photo of Camposampiero's city hall graces this piece.

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