Mega Pumpkin Sculptor: Job Idea Number 5

Halloween Night

My wife once took a job for a local florist painting a multitude of pumpkins for not as many dollars.

I suggested that her designs would have been less time consuming and more profitable had she offered them instead as themes for t-shirts or that type of things.

I did not think until reading For These Sculptors, The Medium Is Big, Orange and Stinky (Susan Warren, Wall Street Journal) that Mega Pumpkin Sculptor could be a job worth considering.

In our age of bigger is better, these monsters can weigh as much as 1600 pounds says the article.

It is a stinky job according to Patrick Moser (see Video) one of the Pros featured in the piece (some 20 years of experience).

Even if all this was just my imagination, it would be wild enough to make it Job Idea Number 5.

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