Long-Winded & Overrated Menus: Monsieur Bourdain chops the nonsense

In a Short and not so Sweet column for Radar Online, Anthony Bourdain chops the nonsense out of long-winded and overrated menus.

Amongst the things that irritate him is repetition (truffle oil everywhere), using ingredients that once where innovative (mango chutney by Bobby Flay in 78), cruelty-free meat (where does one finds kindness in killing animals).

The most valid point he makes is "it should never take longer to describe your dish than to eat it".

On inflated egos in the kitchen as he states "a chef who offers anything other than sea salt probably refers to himself in the third person".

Keep up the good thinking coming!

Got to this Radar Piece via The Grinder on Chow.

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We recently mentioned Anthony Bourdain in 77 to 07, Punk turns 30

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