Life is Too Short versus Hard Work...Two Trains Headed for a Collision?

You often hear repeated as a mantra the fact that highly paid execs work hard for the money .
Is it a way to justify their pay and perks?
Should we feel sorry for them?

In any case this theme is making the rounds in the past few days from When Hard Work Becomes Overwork (whose soundtrack could be Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love with new lyrics) in the NY Times to Health is Wealth for leaders on the 24 Hour Treadmill by Stefan Stern (Financial Times).

Stefan Stern reminds us that after all so called middle managers are the ones really feeling the pressure.
When I feel I had a hectic day, a late evening stop at the local supermarket seeing people toiling around refreshes my perspective.

In Don't waste time, a couple days ago on Carsonified, Ryan Carson shared his morning musings on the inescapable fact that Life is too short not to be lived well.

All these pieces brought back a conversation I was part of in Philadelphia in May of 2001.
That day, most people reflected on something that we tend to forget, our work is not all we are.
Our interests, be it writing, reading, the outdoors, you name it, is what makes us whole.

So are Life is too short and Hard Work two trains headed for a collision?

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