JuBus and Atheists alike put their faith in St Joseph to sell Ze House

OK, I am kinda straying from my fare of food, wine, travel and the usual bit. 
I just could not resist mentioning When It Takes a Miracle To Sell Your House By Sara Schaefer Munoz (Wall Street Journal).

According to her piece, out of superstition, shaken nerves or despair, house sellers from Bujews (or JuBus) to Atheists put their faith in St Joseph to help them take the weight off their shoulders and sell their home.

If you see someone digging their garden with a 'House for Sale' sign close by, they might be burying a statue of this patron saint of 'home-related' issues.

You can even buy online Home Sales Kits of St Joseph.

Amazing isn't it?

Reminds me of when one of my relatives made me throw peas in a well to help get rid of a skin disease in my early childhood.

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