Get Real...In Paris...with 'Meeting the French'...Travel with a Twist

You might have gotten tired of taking vacations where you are just a tourist amongst tourists force fed tourist spots or worse tourist traps.
I just found a great alternative to boredom, ennui, repetition.
Want to discover the Real Paris and hang out with people who work and live there, you can do that now thanks to Meeting the French.

Here is how they describe their service:
"Meeting the French opens the doors of intimate and authentic Paris for you. Find a Bed and Breakfast, select a guided tour of a neighbourhood in Paris, discover the shops and workshops that make the reputation of the French capital, delight yourself with a gourmet walking tour or a dinner with Parisian hosts...."

You can sign up for Host Meals and have either Lunch or Dinner at a private residence.

They also offer a number of Bed and Breakfast options.

Their most interesting offering might be Meet the Parisians at Work.

Food wise, you can go behind the scenes at the Bagatelle Winery, learn about affinage at Fromagerie du Pantheon, check the croissants and petits fours at Le Guillouzic Bakery and Pastry Shop, check on all things Snail at Maison de l'Escargot or if you do not mind checking Pigs in all kinda cuts spend a little time helping Gilles Verot, Pork Butcher.

Many more options are offered in Arts & Craft from Furier to Puzzle Makers to the ateliers of Henri Selmer (musical instruments) to maybe the more esoteric field of lapidary.

If you are a theater buff, go haunt La Comedie Francaise, antiques and collectibles your treat choose auction house Hotel Drouot.

Now maybe there are too many options on the table and you will have to change your plans from a long week-end to 10 days or so.

Wouldn't it be a good thing?

Don't you need a break?

Discovered Meeting the French thanks to Globespotters, one of my favorite reads.

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