An Organic Spring In New Zealand..(Via Destination Organic)

Yes Spring is in full swing down under.

Located in a barn like building , Destination Organic opened its doors earlier this year in Queenstown, New Zealand. The stone walls add warmth to the store (as pictured here).


I have not had the chance to visit Queenstown or New Zealand yet so after taking a look at the store's offerings, I turned my attention to local resources in the natural field.

Let's start with Organic Explorer with gives intriguing lodging suggestions such as Ruatuna, a motel like Straw Bale home in the Bay of Plenty. They also open a window on the Maori Culture amongst other things.

For those of us with kids, Organic Baby offers, events, tips and guides.

If you suffer from Celiac disease, Gluten Free Living by Teresa Urquhart shares practical information on the topic including recipes.

Surely I only touched the tip of the iceberg. Take it from there and keep exploring.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday is Green Day #3

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