Tea Time, Biscuits (and boiled meat?), 'Eating for England' by Nigel Stater

There are things distinctively British, words as my daily intake of the Financial Times reminds me but also British food, the topic of Eating for England, a book by Nigel Slater to be published (in the UK) on October 1st.


Who but the British use the term 'cookery' books after all?

I do remember my frequent visits to London in the late 70's and early 80's and most often getting my meals in either Indian or Italian restaurants.

There was also a favorite Pub of mine where I stuck to the salad bar.

I did treat myself to a white table cloth eaterie and on a slow night the entertainment was provided by a flambee dish setting the table cloth on fire.

At the time, the French view of British Food was of boiled meat topped  with jelly like sauces.

To get back to Nigel Slater's book, The Observer Food Monthly offers a Sneak Preview...

A good portion revolves around Tea Time, its ceremonials, cookies (or should I call them biscuits) such as Jammie Dodgers from Burton's Foods or Jaffa Cakes, unknown to me, I have to confess.

From the excerpt, 'Eating for England' sounds quite nostalgic. Sometimes our memories of things make things taste better.

It seems that as far away as Melbourne, some people like the girl behind OOOH!cake dream of Jammie Dodgers.

What about you?  Does the book sounds mostly alien to you?  Do you relate?

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