Cine Aqua...Not just Fish and Child's Play in Paris

Some things are hard to pigeonhole. One of them is Cine Aqua in Paris.

Located in the posh 16th Arrondissement or more precisely Jardins du Trocadero, Cine Aqua calls itself an Ocean Entertainment Center.

It combines an Aquarium displaying 9000 fishes and invertebrates of some 450 species and some 40 sharks of 6 species with Mutimedia Offerings.

Kids can pet Carps as illustrated here.

Three movie theaters offer documentaries on Nature (for example currently Genesis by the makers of Winged Migration) as well as animated movies like Madagascar, Ice Age.

Mixing it up a little more, the complex even hosts its own movie animation and recording studios.

So the parents do not feel left out, the Aqualounge offers grown up concerts (My Live), not just kids shows.

Being in Paris, food and drinks are not ignored with Lounge, Sushi Bar and Ozu, a Japanese Restaurant.

I discovered Cine Aqua in  A Grown-up City (Paris)…for Kids by Nicola Clark (on Globespotters).

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