Add 'Sound and Vision' to your Ideas or Presentation with 'SketchCast'

Sometimes it is necessary to Think Visual.

You might want to communicate ideas, a story, personal or business projects and the fact is that those you need to reach and be clear on what the whole enchilada is about are nowhere near.
Rather than write a long e-mail or professorial expose take a look at tools like Sketchcast.

With it you can turn your computer screen into a white board, add voice to it and people might even start to understand what your idea is about as this Tres Dibujos shows.

My wife might even be able to bring my multiple 'creative' thoughts to life into a rough draft that could become a neat graphic.

Where Think Visual reminds me of The Kinks, Sound + Vision is more Bowie (not Lester, David).

First heard about Sketchcast on Coudal.

Sketchcast is a creation of Richard Ziade.

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