Mail, Bills and Overkill, Creating Complex Solutions to Simple Problems?

After reading Going inbox-zero on your paper mail (on Signal vs Noise), I could not help thinking that David was creating a complex solution to a simple problem.

Using a scanner for your personal bills might be an overkill.
After all most of that information can be accessed online.

What about a little Simplicity?

To pay bills on time, I use the calendar on Backpack for a quick view.  I just separate my bills between Personal and Business.
Banks, credit card companies and others give you the option of receiving e-mail reminders before the due date.

Reducing the number of companies you do business with is another option and obviously cutting down on junk mail.

Many services I chose especially for the business (Voip Phone, Blog Service, Web Hosting, 37 Signals to name a few) do not send paper invoices and are on an automatic  monthly plan.
The same goes for Netflix.

Besides that for me a trip to the post office ranks close to a visit to the dentist and I try to keep these to a minimum.

My 41 cents of wisdom

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