Kids, It's August, Time for a trip to the Toy Firework Store

It's Thursday, time for an excursion East.

What in many places around the world is illegal or highly regulated, namely Buying Fireworks turns out to be as common an activity for Kids as a trip to the candy store, in Japan that is, during the month of August.

This much I learned thanks to Toy Firework Designs on PingMag.

The small Marue fireworks store featured in the piece offers some 700 different choices.

The packages illustrations like these 'flying fish' and 'rocket' (photo from PingMag piece) are meant to help buyers see what visual effects they will create.

Others such as the 'exploding ice cream cones' speak for themselves.

The light and noise is part of the celebration of the Hanabi season.
It appears that Hanabi is a generic name for this type of fireworks. I found some Technical Details via HappyEra who write about their experience back in 2004.

Is it safe? That's another story!

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