Is 'Scarcity' the answer for 'Too many things, Too little time'

I wrote earlier today about month long summer vacations in the Pyrenees.

When thinking back about these times, I understand that my parents made things happen because choices where made.
They realized that not everything could be done and/or afforded and decided accordingly.

We now tend to want money and time, rest and the pursuit of myriad projects.

Leo Babauta highlights that very well in Master your Information.

I especially liked Number 20 "Tell people your boundaries" as he puts it "you should learn to take control of your time and your life, and set the expectations of others by telling them, up front, that you cannot be available all the time."

Being constantly connected and available is a recipe for disaster unless there is a real emergency going on.

A prospective client recently could not fathom why I gave the hours and days when I was available.

It seemed odd to me that a professional who set boundaries as to his availability could not understand that I too had a schedule and time constraints of my own and other people to serve and besides that like every sane person needed time to eat and rest.

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