Budget and Personal Finance Online: Mveloppes (available) vs Quicken Online (coming in 2008)

A couple of months ago, I was looking into online alternatives to Microsoft Money and Intuit Quicken and the only one that I found satisfying was Mvelopes whose philosophy and tools were inspired by the old concept of putting hard earned cash in separate envelopes for the various things that you need (rent, clothes, utilities...) this way setting some limits on what can be spent and making it easier to make vacations and other things you aspire to really happen.

Mvelopes Personal Finance offers a Free 30 Days Trial, after that  plans go from Quarterly ($39.60) to Two Year ($189.60).

I was reminded of Mvelopes as a good online finance and budget option by the Webware article Intuit building Quicken Online (Elsa Wenzel) announcing the arrival of this offering in ....2008.

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