Aglianico...Drop the Merlot for this Italian Grape...Good Juice!

At least in the US, most wine buyers go for familiar territory.

Less familiar grapes such as Roussane or Viognier (for whites), Mansois in Marcillac, Tannat (red wines) barely register a blip on anyone's radar.

A couple of days ago, I bought a bottle of Anglianico from Campania in Southern Italy (Vintage 2005, by Terredora Dipaolo if you ask) that fits the profile of 'underground' verietals.

These grapes were brought to Campania by Greek 750 B.C...

The name 'anglianico' is a local translation of the word 'hellenic'.

This wine offers ruby red colors and soft tannins, a good companion for a lunch of cheese and salad or some grilled chicken.

Sante et Bon Appetit.

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