Why aren't Dogs allowed in Restaurants asks Chow?

They call it a nagging question. Why aren't dogs allowed in restaurants is the topic of a Q and A led by Lessley Anderson and Jason Krause on Chow.

I do not mean by that dogs as food to be served. I mean as...patrons...

According to the article "the FDA prohibits live animals (except fish in tanks) in retail establishments where food is served".

Except that is if you are blind or your vision is seriously impaired and you need a 4 legged guide.

Amazingly, again according to Chow, in Florida, the first state to authorize dogs in 'outdoors areas of restaurants', the main concern was about our canine friends behaving badly (as some of us human do in public spaces) like fighting and biting fellow dogs or even people.

Did Florida legislate what kind of drinks dogs could get and what type of ID they should show in order to be served? I do not know.

Also on treating Dogs as people: Is your dog a 'Doga' practitioner

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