Wasting 20% of your Time at Work...You are not alone!

The 2007 Edition of the Wasting Time at Work Survey has arrived....thanks to Salary.com.

What at first sight might sound like 'slacking' has to be nuanced. Since Salary.com started crunching numbers on idle time in 2005, the percentage of the day that employees spend on personal matters or chatting with colleagues has been actually going down.

Even these 2 hours or so 'wasted' at work might be more than made up by all the work done remotely by all of the blackberry addicts amongst us.

People over 40 tend to slack less, 36 minutes less on 8 hours that is.

Stronger work ethics are to blame for this shortcoming.

Liz Weber wrote Twentysomethings slack off more than older workers for Inc Magazine, a more detailed piece on the topic.

On Work, Life and Time: Wear your Slippers to Work for 'Stress Down Day', February 1st

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