This Watermelon is Almost Human...Big In Japan

You can always count on our friends at PingMag in Tokyo to come up with interesting topics.

Recently, Ryoko explored the world of Funny Shaped Japanese Watermelons. They run the gamut from Human Faced (picture here, from the PingMag piece) or Dice Like to Pyramid Shaped. Watermelon07

I do not see myself rolling this 'dice' on the beach as Ryoko suggests. A tad too big maybe.

Just to warn you, according to the article, these rare watermelon species can cost anywhere from $500 to $650 a piece

The most creative I get with this fruit of summer is by making a`watermelon rine chutney to go with a party favorite, roasted garlic with blue cheese and chutney.

This way nothing goes to waste. All you need besides the watermelon rine is balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and patience as this recipe requires around 45 minutes of slow cooking and stirring.

Put it in the slow food category.

Also from the garden: Beefheart (not the Captain), Coeur de Boeuf Tomatoes

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