Procrastination Blues: 'Why isn't it done yet?' asks Jason Fried

I could not articulate it better than Jason Fried of 37 Signals (in 3 lines).

Why isn't it done yet? he asks: "What are you working on and why isn'€™t it done yet? You may have great reason, but it is still a great question to ask from time to time. What is holding things up?"

Let me give a personal example. I have procrastinated for a while (a couple of years to be honest ) on applying for US Citizenship.

I finally went ahead and sent the paperwork on Saturday.

What prompted me to act? The Filing Fee is going up by 40% today?

Additionally I did feel good about getting it out of the way.

So now I have to move to my next languishing project, a new blog in collaboration with many others.

As someone said, you will never get to your destination if you do not get started!

Tuesday morning head scratching?

Act on one thing that has been clamoring for your attention and have a great day.

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