'Let's Get Naked'...On the Agenda of Wine Blogging Wednesday #36

With his Let's Get Naked theme, Lenn Thompson, the godfather of Wine Blogging Wednesday is not celebrating the Summer of Love.

The August 8 Edition of WBW, Number 36, will mark the 3 year anniversary of this monthly event.

Do not worry! You will have to suffer the view of  unadorned (and possibly aged) wine buffs.

What the event will cover is 'naked' wines, chardonnay actually, not made with oak barrels or for the cheap plonk, oak chips and oak essence...yuck!

Lenn also announced the birth of Wine Blogging Wednesday the site on all things Wine Blogging Wednesday which might allow wine fans without their own home on the web to participate.

My WBW #35 Opus: Red wine from a beloved castle

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