Had a taste of 'Jelly' this morning, no Peanut Butter or Bread

This morning, I decided to have some social time. I got out of my New Jersey bubble to visit the New York one.

I joined Amit Gupta and many others for a Jelly session.

This was not a cooking session mind you, no Food Network here even though there was a bit of Martha and  the truth, nothing but the truth about News Groper.

It was my first peak at CoWorking which I have been musing about for a little while.
We all got out of our daily routine to see what others are doing, get feedback, test ideas and all that Jazz.

A day in the life of Serge the Concierge

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A glass of Petanque...Close encounters with Bastille Day

Jul 19
The closest I got from celebrating Bastille Day this year was thanks to a nice little red wine from Ardeche called Petanque. Petanque is also a sport popular mainly in Southern France. It combines social gathering, elements of comedy and sometimes a little kitty for tournament winners. To get back to Petanque, the wine, it comes to us thanks to a family farm that has been in existence since 1670. Named Mas de Libian, the...
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Grom...Gelato 'same as it ever was'...Perfect on a warm and sticky New York day

Jul 20
Too bad I was`reminded of the existence of the New York Outpost of GROM Gelato only this morning. I could have used a`helping of some of their treats on Thursday after getting a taste of Jelly. The weather was warm and sticky in the Big Apple and it might have cooled me off. What GROM offers is Gelato that I would call Artisanal or Traditional or to paraphrase David Byrne 'same as it ever was'....