Explore Heart's History at just opened 'Wellcome Collection' in London

If you happen to be in London over the Summer, plan a stop at the Wellcome Collection.
The space opened less than a month ago.
It explores the connection between Medicine, Life and Art.

The first major exhibit is 'The Heart' as seen by Ancient Egypt, Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol to name a few.

To make the theme even more real, if you can be there on July 5th (7pm)  they will have a Live Heart Surgery Event.

Here is how they describe this premiere:

"The first interactive broadcast of a UK hospital operation to a public audience will take place in support of The Heart exhibition. Heart surgeon Francis Wells and his team at Papworth Hospital will perform a complex reconstruction of a heart valve. The audience at Wellcome Collection will be able to speak to Francis as he operates and handle some of the equipment used in the operation with help from members of the Papworth medical team. The audience will also be able to learn more about the patient and the impact the surgery will have on their life, and why preserving the natural heart valve, rather than replacing it with an artificial valve, allows the heart to function more efficiently"

The show runs until September 16.

The Wellcome Collection is located at 183 Euston Road. Check their Visitors Page for Directions and Opening Hours. They also have a rich Medicine Library.

Best of all access to events and the space in general is free.

Other things to do in the area: 'Acorn House' Restaurant (London)...'Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple'

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