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Red wine from a Beloved Castle, Castillo de Monseran (Wine Blogging Wednesday #35)

Jul 11
Michelle of My Wine Education put Passionate Spain on the Agenda for Wine Blogging Wednesday #35. Like a good jazzman, I decided to riff on her theme and offer Castillo de Monseran 'Garnacha' (2005) as my pick. This wine is 100% Garnacha (Grenache if you prefer). It comes from Cariñena, south of Zaragoza, smack in the heart of Aragon. There is also a town of the same name. Cariñena is not far from Carino (love,...
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Flamenco, Sardane and Grapes from Spain...Wine Blogging Wednesday Roundup is Live

Jul 16
After a few days of radio silence, I return with a short story. The Roundup for Wine Blogging Wednesday #35 is Live, fresh off the presses. As you might remember the topic was 'Passionate Spain' with a focus on value ($10 and under) Around 40 people, including yours truly, contributed to this edition from locales as varied as Belgium Chateau Brys, Asia with Andrew of Eating Hong Kong and Edward at Wino Sapien in Australia...