Take the test 'Are you Green for Telework'

Ever wondered if you could cut down on the hours spent at the office and all the money spent on gas, tolls not to mention the aggravation and the time wasted sitting in traffic?

Thanks to the Telework Exchange Online Eligibility Gizmo you can find out if your job is fit for a remote makeover.
The Telework Exchange focuses mainly on Government Workers but its findings apply to all of us.

First read about it on Webworkerdaily.

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Tuesday Morning 'Pho Fever'...A Taste of Vietnam

Jun 26
No Travolta in the mix! Music, Digital Media and Vietnamese Soup (Pho Soup) are on the menu of the Pho List which I have been a member of for a while now. One of the list members, Stacie, took the time to share with us Pho Fever. The site explores all things Pho food including its history and origins which they describe as phollows: "Phở was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. The dish...
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Petaling Jaya...PJ for the It Crowd...What's Up...No Pajamas

Jun 27
What's up with it is the first thing I wondered upon seeing the words? Well I had to find out where Petaling Jaya was. It figured in the Top 10 list of cities with readers of yours truly on Tuesday. The fact is Petaling Jaya is a satellite city of Kuala Lumpur, you know Malaysia. In the What's Up department you can also find 365 Days of Skywatching, I hope they took time to sleep....