On Productivity Porn, Marc Andreessen and 'A Year to Live'

A book I was given yesterday, Find More Time by the aptly named Laura Stack brought the Productivity Porn subject back to mind.
I started browsing through the opus and all I could see was numbers and charts, Well I exaggerate there are words too.
How can any book tell me how to run my days and my life?
Can we control everything that happens to us?
Why do we think we can cram more in one day?
I do like the picture on the cover though.

The worse case of Productivity Porn I have met so far is The Happiness Project.
How can happiness be programmed and planned?

Marc Andreessen recently shared His Thoughts on the Topic and turned it on its head by suggesting first that we do not keep a schedule and reduce our time commitments.

After all we could work 24 hours a day in our connected world.

Marc's approach is saner and reminded me of Stephen Levine 'A Year to Live' (How to live this year as if it were your last).

Should I for example wait X years to start doing things I want to do now or should I change the way I live and work to make them possible today?

Monday morning musings!

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