No 'Walla Walla' Dance, Ex Libris, A Washington Cabernet from the Library

Sorry Catie (our Hostess for this Wine Blogging Wednesday #34) but I could not Walla Walla.

I could have rested on my laurels and repeated a piece I wrote not too long ago on a Walla Walla Cabernet but despite my crowded schedule went and found another Washington State wine offspring.

This ExLibris (from the Latin 'from the library') was not found on book shelves. It is a creation of Polaner Selections who decided to offer a Cabernet worth $40 for about half the price.


Their secret weapon was sourcing some great fruit mainly from the Champoux and Millbrandt Vineyards plus a few others. I gleaned that bit of information from Wine Anthology. According to them the wine is 82% Cabernet, 8% Syrah, 8% Merlot and 2% Petit Verdot.

So rather a Bordeaux style Red, nice fruit, long finish, light tannins, medium bodied with good balance. I would call it elegant, subtle rather than big and in your face. Perfect for the warm and humid days we are having lately in our corner of New Jersey.

I believe this Ex Libris (2005) is the third vintage produced.

Enough said!

My I don't want to be lazy and repeat myself Walla Walla Cabernet  story was: No Basebal, no Vocal Prowess, Pitch

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