Drink Milk...Don't Pollute with 'Greenbottle'

Getting all these gallons of milk (if you are the US like myself) and what is the bulkiest plastic item in the recyclable bin but these.

You might feel a pang of guilt thinking how much you add to landfills.

A British company (based in Surrey) is testing a better solution, Named Greenbottle, their first product combines an outside shell using pulped recycled cardboard (same type used for egg boxes) with a biodegradable plastic liner made with corn starch. Greenbottle

It is still being tested at this time.
They plan to have the Greenbottle available for the UK later this year. Its use could be expanded to other products.

Last week-end in The Unintended Consequences of Hyperhydration the New York Times Magazine addressed the issue of Soda Cans and Water Bottles, another part of this waste pile up.

Will we keep creating waste while trying hard to stay healthy?

Thankfully people like Greenbottle are coming up with good solutions.

I first read about this innovation on Springwise.

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