Could 'Bank of America' be Earth and Customer friendlier?

I mentioned a few weeks back my irritating experience with the new Bank of America online banking.
In a nutshell, you can access past transactions free and easy except checks that are over 65 banking days old.
You have to find that out yourself since it does not get mentioned when you try to view older ones.
Besides wasting your time, Bank of America adds insult to injury by charging (in my state) $3 per check copy.

I was able after I jumped over these hurdles to order copies of the checks I needed online, one at a time, getting in and out of screens, in a word painful.

I started getting the printouts today. I got 6 items so far in two envelopes.

Will the other 5 or so I am still waiting for come in 5 separate pieces of mail?

Would it not be more Earth friendly, Cost effective and Less painful for Bank of America's customers if they could actually get these records online regardless of their date say even for a smaller fee of $1.50?

Their web team might have forgotten to ask real customers to test the new site and its features.

What is your experience with other banks and financial institutions?

For more customer unfriendly experiences visit This is Broken.

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