Alex James, Big Cheese from 'Blur', becomes 'Foodie Boy'

Like one of these jugglers who amazes you by how many balls he can handle, Blur bass player, Alex James, adds another activity to his growing panoply of musician, cheese maker, author and you name it...

He now pens the Foodie Boy column on (I quote) 'Rural Celebrity Boozers' for The Observer Food Monthly.
He started in May with his thoughts on the evolution of the British Pub and how women are conquering it.
In addition, Alex James contributes to The Guardian new food blog Word of Mouth.

He also writes The Great Escape for The Independant on his life on the farm.Bitof_2

I guess all this exposure will not hurt the sales of his book 'Bit of a Blur' coming out early July (cover illustrates this post).

On Alex James Cheese Maker: From Rock Star to Gentleman Farmer

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