'Sergeant Pepper' 40th Anniversary, tomorrow, June 1st

This year, a number of milestones relevant at least to baby boomers such as the 40th anniversary of The Summer of Love are taking place. A show on the topic opened recently at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Tomorrow June 1st marks the 40th anniversary of 'Sergeant Pepper' by the Beatles.

Soundcheck on WNYC Radio looks at its legacy today.

The station also offers many details about the record on its Happy Birthday Sergeant Pepper page.

The BBC asked a number of bands including Oasis and the Kaiser Chiefs to recreate the album and will air the results on Saturday, June 2nd (BBC Radio 2), details in Rock stars to recreate Sgt Pepper.

A Thursday morning history and music side trip...

I previously wrote on the creation of its cover in Sergeant Pepper Album cover was designed by Peter Blake

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