How to cut the information overload down to size? Bit Literacy

I had to get past the title before I got interested.
A new book, Bit Literacy by Mark Hurst of Good Experience, wants to help everyone prune the information overload down to size.


Maybe because we cannot (as opposed to paper) see how much electronic clutter we amass, we tend to keep piling it up.
Bit Literacy gives advice on how to deal with e-mail, online media, digital photos and sort out all this stuff in a way that it can be found easily.
While you are on your organizational treadmill, delete all the junk you can and regain your space.
I am not that fond of To Do Lists which themselves tend to swell.

Want to know more about the book, read this Free Chapter.

I often joke when I am in restaurants that we should ask people to check their cell phones and blackberries at the door just as in the Wild West people used to check their guns upon entering the saloons.

Bit Literacy visits themes also covered by The Four Hour Workweek and The Simplicity Survival Handbook by my friend Bill Jensen amongst others.

Also on the electronic clutter: Twitter, Blackberries and the age of interruption

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