Emma the Canapé critic, of 'Firefly Tonics' shares her Top 3 party picks

Could not resist sharing this Fun Story from the 'Harry and Marcus' newsletter courtesy of the good people at Firefly Tonics.

Their new Events Manager, Miss Emma (no connection with The Avengers) gives us her first "Canapé Rankings".

Her Top 3 so far:

  • Fanciest canapés: Condé Nast Traveller Hot List party
  • Hottest waiters: Topshop Autumn Collection launch
  • Coolest crowd*: Antony Gormley opening at the Hayward (*crowd rather uncoolly ate all the canapés before we got there. But the exhibition's amazing so it had to go in).

If you cannot make it to London, treat yourself to the Antony Gormley Blind Light video.

What are your Top 3 party votes in your city? Share with us!

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