Don't be Sly! Dance to the Music with 'The French Fries'

It might be a complete hoax but it sounds like one of these odd and funny stories...A Single with a French version of Sly and the Family Stone's Dance to the Music by none others than The French Fries...'Danse A La Musique'... Read The Review by The Seth Man...


If you can find this track, it could be the main attraction on the playlist of your Memorial Day Week-end if you are in the US.
For all my non-US readers, Memorial Day week-end marks the unofficial start of the Summer Season.

Behind the scenes notes:
How did I find out about this collector item?
It started with Coudal mentioning the trailer for 'Control', the movie on Joy Division (for whatever reason the trailer has French subtitles).
Coudal credited The Morning News as their source for the movie clip which in turn led me to Andrew Womack's Top 10 Albums of 1981 which mentioned Julian Cope move from musician to Music Critic and that's how I got a taste of these French Fries.

Yeh! I know, it started to look like the credits for some movies that keep rolling on and on and on but it is Friday after all so cut me some slack!

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While here in the US, this Memorial Day week-end marks the unofficial start of the summer and beach season (in New Jersey, we go to the shore), for many countries the last Sunday of May is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day Maman! As for myself, I will probably be off the blog until Tuesday, taking advantage of the holiday to take a breather.