Appliance Maker BOSCH helps navigate the Green Building process

Appliance maker BOSCH joins the Green Trail with its Green Resource Center which beyond promoting what the company calls Green Machines also offers a guide to Green Building certification programs available in the US and Canada.

Paper Company Mohawk (check their 'Environmental Calculator') issued the Mohawk Pledge outlining its green policies including the use of wind power.
They also suggest supporting a number of efforts including Design Can Change in the field of packaging and design in general.

Yesterday, my favorite Japanese read, PingMag, in Grassroots Projects interviewed Eric Karjaluoto from smashLAB, the Canadian agency that started Design Can Change.

If you have a few minutes take this Ecological Footprint Quiz.

On a sunny day in New Jersey...birds chirping outside my window...

On business and good practices: No April Fools...Here comes Earth Friendly Moving

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After 'Culinary School'...Dreams Shattered...Debt Standard...Tuesday's NY Times

May 7
You have a better chance to recoup your school expenditures by studying to be an accountant than attending culinary school according to tomorrow's NY TIMES story ‘Top Chef’ Dreams Crushed by Student Loan Debt or actually the best option if you like to cook would be to skip cooking school altogether. In my years in the restaurant business, I witnessed a move away from experienced and school trained cooks and sous chefs to dishwashers promoted...
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Here comes the Medicine Man: Mr.Black's Concoction

May 8
When you take a look at Mr.Black's Concoction, you think it would have been perfectly at home in the wild wild west. Well this 'medicine' is actually a delicious wine brought to us by Small Gully, a winery from the Barossa Valley in South Australia. If it was from California, it would be called a Rhone Ranger with its blend of Grenache (39%), Shiraz (38%) and Mourvedre (23%). This GSM (2003 vintage) combines good fruit...