40 Sardines, not from Marseilles, an Overland Park restaurant

The story goes that a sardine once blocked the port in Marseilles, another way to say that some of the residents in the Mediterranean city like to tell tall tales.

So what is the connection between Marseilles and Kansas.
The answer is 40 Sardines, an Overland Park restaurant.40sardines_2

I never ate there or know much about them.
I discovered them on a Business Cards Collection part of Daily Poetics displayed on Flickr.

Opened in June 2002 by Michael Smith and Debbie Gold, 40 Sardines uses fresh ingredients to create food with an international flavor but anchored by their traditional French training which I guess is where the choice of 40 Sardines comes from.

A simple treat for me would be 'Sardines sur Canape'.

I found the Business Card Collection on Coudal.

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