You can ring my Bell! ma Sonnette...Dancing to a wine tune

Wine is like food and music, unless tasted, this is hard to form an opinion about it.
I visited the Bell Wine Cellars website but it did not help much.Bellwine

Luckily, 2 days ago, I run into the person in charge of their portfolio in my New Jersey corner (Cotes de Longue) and had the chance and I can now say the pleasure to taste 3 of Bell Wine Cellar's offerings.

I especially liked their Napa Merlot and Chardonnay.
The Merlot has good legs and fills your mouth with flavor.
The Chardonnay is elegant, rounded (they say 'creamy') and with a long finish, more European than Californian in style.

All in all a pleasant surprise.

These wines are small productions by California standards so you might not find them in the wine store around the corner but they are worth looking for. 

'Ring my Bell' by Anita Ward was not my soundtrack while writing this, the lighter touch of 'Six French Suites' by Bach (on harpsichord) mind you.

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