Saucisson and the Happy Pig...An acquired taste for the French

In France, going for a picnic without some saucisson in your basket of goodies is unforgivable.

This poster for 'Les Bons Saucissons du Cochon Prodigue' from Auvergne will make you smile or cringe.

Saucisson The image lacks subtlety but drives the point of good food coming from well treated (up to a point) animals. These days we call it Free Range.

I found this vintage take on the very culturally incorrect site Suicide Food.

The image also reminded me of a day when a generous man from the Pyrenees offered me a couple of slices of his homemade saucisson washed down with some of the local wine.
It was during a short train trip on my way to Toulouse and a posh lady frowned on the whole thing. It was not proper.

Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini offered her take on Saucisson de Canard (Duck Saucisson) from Haute-Savoie in the French Alps.

Sam of Becks and Posh in Look at this Beauty shared Fred's passion for Saucisson Sec.

I could go on with Pig Tales but I will stop right here.
Maybe some other time.

I discovered the imagerie thanks to the always diverse Coudal

And do not forget:  Pinot Days is coming to New York
After all, what would peasant fare taste like without wine to go with it?

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