On the West Coast...of South Africa that is: Groote Post wines and hospitality

Trying to learn more about Bell Wine Cellars, a Yountville winery, I was intrigued to see them listing a Groote Post-Darling Sauvignon Blanc...from South Africa amongst their offerings.

One thing the wineries share is that they are both located on the West Coast of their respective countries.
I have not yet tasted wines from either producer but I have to confess that the somehow rugged vista surrounding Groote Post (pictured here) appealed to me more than the more opulent California set of Bell.Grootepost

Located in the Darling Hills, Groote Post was founded by Peter and Nick Peltz whose roots are in their generations old family dairy farm.

A restaurant (closed in July) operates on the property which is also a popular spot for weddings.

Besides their Sauvignon Blanc, I would be curious to taste Groote Post 'Old Mans' Red Blend.

Nearby attractions are plentiful including the Buffelsfontein Game and Nature Reserve.

I hope this gives you new ideas on places to go, off the beaten path.

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