Spring up...Are you ready for a "Penny Wise- Eat Local" Challenge?

The good people at the Eat Local Challenge always come up with...challenging ideas.
They ask those of us disciplined and interested enough to take the Penny Wise-Eat Local Challenge from April 23rd to April 29.
I might take issue with the numbers they quote as the average American family food budget.
With at least 4 mouths to feed in our family, $144.00 might be what I spend on the main shopping that takes place on the week-end. The numbers they use are almost 2 years old so that must be part of the discrepancy.
If you want to participate, check the Penny Wise Nuts and Bolts outline.

Amongst the things in season in April according to the BBC Food Section count: Rosemary, Spinach, Strawberries, Spring Lamb and Cockles...

If you moved to a new house and feel like showing your green stripes  you might also want to check their How to be a gardener in the Spring guide.

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