Live more beautifully...Design Indaba, The Eggman and Cape Town

Who would not agree with the idea to 'Live more beautifully'.
South Africa showcased a world of creators for the 10th edition of Design Indaba.

From designers that shape the world to being carbon neutral for the second year the Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town opens new paths by blending its African Roots and modern design.

Amongst the speakers were the ubiquitous Brian Eno, graphic designer Neville Brody and Heath Nash who I featured in a previous story.Eggman
Also present was The Eggman (not the Walrus), the creation of Gregory da Silva (pictured here).

The people of PingMag (Tokyo) offer an  Excellent Two Part Summary of the event.

Also worth mentioning is Design. They show us the richness of what was displayed at the show from wooden rabbits to feather lamps and rainbow like dresses.

Other Cape Town flavors: It's beautiful here: Hang your coat on Heat Nash's words and Take the Stellenbosch Wine Route

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